The Natural World

The Sky

Wonderland has two parts of the day -- star-watch and ribbon lit.

Wonderland's equivalent of Earth's night is known as star-watch. The beginning of star-watch is called star-climb. During star climb, the star people climb massive webs made of caterpillar thread in the sky that stretch over each country and the waters. These webs are invisible to everyone except the star people. They stay in the sky all through the night, illuminating the darkness and making it safe for people to leave their homes at night. Wonderland has no moon, only the occasional bright crescent grin of the Cheshire Cat watching over the world.

Wonderland's equivalent of Earth's day is known as ribbon lit. During this time, ribbons of light ripple gently and slowly in the sky like in a breeze. The colors of these ribbons of light vary between regions. During ribbon lit, the planets Eris, Pluto and Neptune can usually be seen in the distance.

The Water

Wonderland's waters are crystal clear, entirely free of pollution or other impurities. Deep in the oceans, the mer cities and farms can easily be seen from ships or land, along with a wide variety of sea creatures both familiar and entirely unique.

The rivers of Wonderland, with one exception, run with rosewater. The beds of these rivers are thickly growing roses. When the water runs over them, it both nourishes the roses and receive the magical properties. The rosewater from these rivers provides nourishment for Wonderland's people as well, the magic in the water keeping them healthy, strong and young.

The Land

Wonderland is divided into 16 countries on land. Each country is entirely unique, specializing in different styles, trades, imports and exports. The land of each country is also unique, each one carved into a different shape and colored by different plants.

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