Waverly Academy


While Waverly Hills doesn't have a particularly long history compared to other Branded locations, it may have the most varied history. Originally built as a family home, over time it was expanded and converted to a sanitarium. Waverly Hills Sanitarium had a record breaking number of deaths in the short time it was open, though the disease that plagued the hospital was unlike anything ever seen before. Nothing was ever learned about the disease's source or a way to cure it. The hospital was simply quarantined and eventually the disease died out. Afterwards, Waverly Hills Sanitarium was closed for a time, and eventually reopened as Waverly Hills Asylum, home to the criminally insane. Those taken in as patients were murderers who killed for reasons not even the doctors could make sense of. Rumors today suspect that Waverly Hills Asylum was home to Awake who didn't know who they were, therefore how to control their powers, and that was what led to their violent acts and pasts. Before these rumors could come to light, however, Waverly Hills Asylum was shut down after a mass patient murder spree killed all of the staff and many of the patients -- those who survived took refuge at the asylum until it was eventually discovered what had happened, and then they were recaptured and transported to other prisons.

Again, Waverly Hills stayed closed for a span of time. The owner of the time tried to sell the property, but by then its past was too sordid, so it was left sitting, meant to be left until it rotted away to nothing. Before that could happen, however, the owner died and the property was passed to his oldest son and his pregnant wife. The new owner was determined to turn the property's reputation around, believing the property and its buildings too beautiful and holding too much potential to be lost to its past. So he had the buildings repaired and refurnished and opened Waverly Academy for Boys, a boarding school for the rich and the elite. Shortly after the school was opened, his wife gave birth to their only child, a girl whom they named Waverly. Despite there being no boys in the family, the school remained a boys' academy for over a decade. Once the daughter, Waverly, was of high school age, the school began allowing girls to attend as well.

The summer before Waverly was meant to start her first year of high school, however, she disappeared. She was never found, dead or alive, though many believe her ghost haunts the halls.

Classes and Clubs

Core Classes:

      - English 1

      - English 2

      - English 3

      - English 4

      - American Literature

      - Algebra 1

      - Algebra 2

      - Algebra 3

      - Geometry

      - Statistics

      - Biology

      - Chemistry

      - Physics

      - American History

      - Civics

      - Government

Electives Classes:

      - Spanish 1

      - Spanish 2

      - Spanish 3

      - Spanish 4

      - Latin 1

      - Latin 2

      - Latin 3

      - Latin 4

      - Statistics

      - Introduction to Business

      - Marketing

      - World Literature

      - Journalism

      - Debate

      - Horseback Riding


      - Creative Writing

Students and Falculty


  • Archibald Gatsby

  • Spyro Powell

  • Michael Borden

  • Rune Parish


  • Waverly

  • Zeph

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