Stars Island


Stars Island is a large island a little under 800,000 square acres, the majority of which is forestation. The west coast is crescent shaped, the tips of the crescent ending in tall cliffs, the land sloping down to a port and boardwalk at the crescent's belly. On the other side of the boardwalk is the town, businesses first and then residential areas, before giving way to the forestation. The east coast is similarly shaped, but with beaches instead of the boardwalk or port. The southern coast of the island ends in tip, a cliff high above sea level. At the base of the cliff is a cluster of large boulders before an entrance to the Labyrinth. Underneath the island are underwater caverns and tunnels that serve as the home to the mer community.


There were many times that European ships sailed through open water in the spot that now has an island, never paying attention to the area that would some day become so important to anyone with magic in their blood. Some time in the late 1500s or early 1600s, no one's quite sure exactly when, the land emerged from the sea, a gift from the gods to those who needed it most.

In the early 1600s, Demitry Cromwell discovered the land. Having sailed across the ocean where it appeared multiple times, he recognized it for what it was, and claimed it. Shortly after, after trip to Salem that ended much quicker than intended, Demitry Cromwell led the true witches from Salem and gave them the island to live on.

Among the first group of witches brought to the island was Elizabeth Goode, who would eventually be turned into a vampire and become an honorary members of the Cromwell family. While Demitry Cromwell continued his travels, he left Elizabeth Goode in charge of maintaining and developing the island, and anything they needed he would fund and acquire for them. Under her leadership, the witches felled trees to clear space and used their wood to build their homes. They planted what crops they could from what food they had left from the journey and hunted for meat. They used their magic to grow their crops quicker and drank water from the rivers and lakes on the island. They chose to call their new home Stars Island.

Over the next few hundred years, as Demitry continued his travels, more and more Branded were sent to the island. It became a refuge for not only the witches that were being hunted but for all Branded that didn't want to live in hiding.

In 1995, Demitry ended his travels and took up permanent residence on his island, building his own home there, a ranch he named after his horse; Midnyte Run Rescue. He built a bridge between the mainland and his island, hired some of the Branded to look after the animals that he brought to his ranch over time, and converted the island to a military base. For the first time, Unbranded were allowed onto the island. The Branded who lived there and felt safe there didn't approve of this decision but in the end there was nothing that they could do, so many of them left, in hopes of finding somewhere else where they wouldn't have to hide. Eventually, many of those who left returned, knowing that even though they would have to hide again, the protection of Demitry Cromwell was still better than a lack of protection in case of being found out on the mainland.

Over the next ten years, the island became known as an elite military base where only the best, and their families, were asked to go. It became known as a top secret base where  no one was quite sure exactly what happened there, they only knew that only the best were allowed.

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