Punishment Occupations


Though it's not an officially registered job among the Punishment, there's a high profit margin in being a Collector. True to their title, they collect, unique and powerful magical creatures. Collectors tend not to like doing the dirty work of catching or killing these creatures themselves, however, so they often hire Hunters to do it for them. Collectors' preferences vary between wanting to display their collection alive or dead -- some Collectors kill their targets and taxidermize them, creating statuesque displays, while some Collectors simply cage their targets.


Working in crews or individually, it's the responsibility of the Hunters to track down and kill -- or capture, as their contract demands -- the Awake. Hunters largely work independently, the job alone enough to pay their bills and keep them occupied, though some choose to contract out to Collectors in order to earn extra money or take on extra difficult assignments.


Scientists in the Punishment often use captured Awake in their experiments as they try to figure out what genetic mutation, as they believe the cause to be, produces the magic that gives them abilities that the Punishment lacks. Scientists are also responsible for creating certain medicines and poisons that only the Punishment have access to.


Techs in the Punishment are largely responsible for security -- making, installing and monitoring cameras and other security devices. The more skilled and creative techs also invent new ways to protect the Punishment, both inside their bases and while on missions.

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