Punishment Laws

The majority of the Punishment's existence follows the same societal rules, laws, customs, traditions and holidays as all other outside the Awake community. However, due to the Punishment's knowledge of magic and their never ending goal to bring an end to it, they must live their lives largely within the confines of their bases, where they have developed their own laws and ways of life.


All Punishment children are required to attend normal schooling from the time they are 5 years old until they are 18 years old. After the age of 18 they can choose to pursue education in the form of college classes, grades allowing.

In addition to normal preschool, middle school and high school classes, at the age of 10 children must begin their fighting training, starting with hand-to-hand and basic defense. As childrens' skill progresses, they are upgraded to training in a weapon or two of their choice. These classes take place immediately after normal school hours.

Once children turn 15, they are also required to choose a future occupation and a mentor. They have one week to begin their apprenticeship. Apprenticeship work hours take place in evenings or nights, as well as on weekends, and over holiday breaks, when normal classes are out.


All legal adults of the Punishment who are of able body and mind are required to work in at least one of the four Punishment job positions available. Any time off or transfers of location must be approved by the appropriate higher ups -- this includes major and minor holidays and sick leave.


Legal age for marriage is 18 years old. Relationships lesser than marriage are forbidden among two people who work closely together. Marriage between two people of the same gender is forbidden. Marriage, or any relations, between a citizen of the Punishment and an Awake is forbidden. Relations between citizens of the Punishment and Outsiders are allowed, but any information about the Punishment may not be shared unless the couple have been stably in a relationship with each other for at least five years and permission has been obtained by the appropriate higher ups.


All citizens in the Punishment are required to live on a Punishment base unless working undercover or on extended leave. Children are not permitted to leave the base without adult supervision and parental position. Adults are allowed to come and go from the base as long as they return by the midnight curfew, unless on missions or overnight or weekend leave.

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