The Punishment is a fairly fluid community, people and families coming and going, last names changing, ancestries forgotten. However, there are a few families who have maintained their heritage to an extent, and a few who have become a kind of legend among the Punishment.


The Jamison family is probably the largest in the Punishment -- certainly the largest in known record. Stretching across the world, there's a Jamison family in almost every country, and each head of their particular branch of the Jamison family makes it a point to ensure they are just as powerful and influential as those who came before them.

Despite there being so many scattered so far, the Jamison family keep close business connections. They are the leading scientists in the Punishment, their experiments exceeding expectations and striving for more than just discovery. The Jamisons' goal in science is to create their own superhumans, soldiers who feel no pain or emotions, mindless obedient robots without the hazards of sensitive circuitry or rust-able metal.

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