Though artisans will often sell their creations themselves -- if they sell them at all -- they are not always considered merchants. An Awake is only classified as a Merchant if they own, rent, or lease a building, cart or stall to sell their wares and keep a regular schedule to maintain their shop. Not all merchants are artisans, however. Many merchants in Sanctuaries and safe places acquire their goods from the Outside world, either though orders, traders or venturing out themselves sometimes. Merchants specialize in the selling of their goods, and knowing the quality of what they sell. Among the Awake, there are no Wal-marts or Department stores, so everything that is bought and sold is of high quality and managed by experts.

Merchants and their shops are ranked together, through a rating system involving a certain amount of keys. The more keys a merchant has, the more they are able to obtain and sell. The highest amount of keys a merchant is able to earn is fifteen keys, though it is very difficult -- fifteen keys mean that what the merchant sells is extremely rare and often only sold by them. Keys can only be given by merchants with ten or more keys already, by Guardians, or by the owner and/or manager of a safe territory.


Monet's Art Supplies: Located on Stars Island, Monet's Art Supplies imports art supplies from all over Earth as well as from several other worlds.

PC [to be renamed]: Formerly an Outsider-owned and operated clothing store, PC is currently closed down for renovations as new seamstres take over.

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