There are two types of Champions in the Awake -- Knights, who are male; Warriors, who are female. These two different classifications have access to the same missions and opportunities, nothing professionally dividing the two. The difference falls only within their skill set. Awake females tend to be smaller, in both height and body build, enabling them to easier access smaller places, as well as usually specializing in fighting styles that require stealth or speed over strength. Countrarywise, males tend to be taller and broader built, and because of this prefer to fight more as shields and protectors, champions of defense rather than offense. Both classifications of Champions are given the opportunities to take the same missions, are ranked the same, and are mostly trained the same. 

Champions are ranked according to their experience, by the number of lives they've saved and the number of missions they've accomplished. This number is recorded in their file, but also takes a physical manifestation on their skin as a Brand. Somewhere on a Champion's body is a silhouette of their preferred weapon or defense. As a Champion fulfills their duty in protecting the Awake or completes missions, lines appear as inner borders of the silhouette. The color of these lines vary, often reflecting the Champion's clan or family colors, or their favorite color. The thickness of the line varies according to how many lives were saved or how difficult the mission -- if only one life was saved or the mission was simple, the line would be very thin, but if dozens or hundreds of lives were saved or the mission was very difficult, then the line that forms can be up to a quarter inch thick. If enough lines are produced, the lines expand and recolor the entire silhouette, and new lines begin in the Awake classic color of blue -- shades would vary depending on the new color of the Brand.

It is possible, though extremely difficult and very rarely done, to transcend the ranking that the Brand provides. If this is done, the Champion receives a new title and their Brand changes to become more distinctive to themself -- a combination of their personality, fighting style and preferred weapon or defense. If a Warrior or Knight manages to transcend the Brand ranking, they are invited to elite training. If they accept and pass the training, they become Guardian Knights or Guardian Warriors. Those are the highest ranks that any Champion can ascend too. The only people more powerful than the Guardian Knights and Warriors are the Guardians themselves, of which there are only three.

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