The Awake largely consume only what is entirely natural and organic. Because of this, their bodies often reject anything unnatural, whether it's processed food or chemical medication. As a result, Awake turn to Healers instead of doctors for medicine and treatment when they need it. Healers' methods vary between or combine the magical and the herbal, using only what is magic or what is natural to do their work.


Black: Black healers lack any magical abilities and therefore must rely solely on herbal remedies, creating salves, potions and elixirs.

Grey: Having limited healing magic, grey healers use herbal remedies first, then use their magic to give the herbal remedies a little bit of a boost, enabling them to quickly heal otherwise dangerous wounds enough so that they they do not prove fatal.

Silver: Silver healers have much more advanced healing magic, and often only use herbal remedies to cure illness and to numb and keep clean injuries. Smaller injuries can be healed within a minute, but more severe injuries can take up to a few weeks to treat.

White: The most powerful of healers, white healers are also the most rare. Their healing abilities are so powerful that they can heal even fatal wounds in only seconds. The only thing they cannot do is regrow a lost limb or bring someone back from the dead.

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