Faeble is the world where all the fairy tales you've heard growing up, and many that you don't, live eternal lives. It's a world of old and sometimes dangerous magic, talking animals, people of all sizes, and ordinary people who are famous in other worlds for not existing.

The Natural World

The Sky

Nestled between two much larger planets, Faeble is largely sheltered from the light and warmth of the sun. To make up for the sun's relative absence, the faewatchers bathe lands rich with true love in the light of that love, illuminating and warming the days. The nights, however, are as dark as any other world's, and the stars visible and bright, Faeble's own moon always full.

The Water

There's a large ocean and several lakes, river and ponds on Faeble. The water everywhere is crystal clear, the ocean water salted and the lake water is saltless and drinkable.

The Land

​​Faeble is divided into multiple king and queendoms. The boarders of these domains are highly flexible, often changing as people from the lands trade, buy, sell, loose or earn land. As the land changes hands, the land becomes part of whichever queen- or kingdom its new owner originates from.

Faeble is a world has very rich and pure colors -- blue of the ocean, green of the valley grasses and mountain trees, and snow on the high ridges. There is very little snowy area, located at the top of the highest mountains. The majority of Faeble is green. There are vast valleys carpeted with lush grass and deep forests on hills and the sides of mountains thick with trees.

Common Plants

Apple and maple trees are the most common trees of Faeble, and often the only kind that can be found in the forests. Wildflowers are comon in the valleys and can even be found in the forests.

Rare Plants

Weeping Willows may be the only plant that grows anywhere in any domain, but only in some valleys. All other flowers and plants only grow within one domain each, or in certain spots underwater.

Poisonous and Medicinal Plants

No poisonous plants have been discovered in Faeble as of yet, but there are many plants and flowers with healing properties. These plants, like all others, only grow naturally in one domain each, but certain domains have allowed their healers and/or herbologists to construct greenhouses so that they can grow the most valuable and difficult to obtain of these plants closer to home.

Common Animals

Deer, mice and birds are possibly the most common animals that roam Faeble. Wolves can occasionally be spotted too, but not nearly as often, though it's unknown whether this is because there are fewer wolves or simply because wolves aren't as friendly as deer, birds and mice, who even in the wild will approach humans trustingly -- until they're given a reason not to.

Rare Animals

Legends and stories passed down through generations tell of dragons circling the mountains just as birds circle people and towns. It's believed that they once were at least as common as wolves -- maybe as common as birds themselves. Today though, dragons are little more than legendary creatures. Few ever see a dragon even from a distance, and even fewer survive to tell about it later.


Natural Formations

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Government Buildings


Travel Stations





Neverland is a wild country with no rules, controlled by no one. It's forests are home to Peter Pan and his Lost Boys, warring for territory with Tiger Lily and her Natives. The docks are home to the pirates, controlled by Captain Hook, and the waters are guarded by the sirens.

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