Bridgewater High School


Bridgewater High School was built in the mid 1900s, by and for Outsiders. And aside from the occasional hidden Awake, for the first 50 or so years of the school's usage Outsiders were all that were educated there, and Outsiders were all that lived in the town of Bridgewater. Upon the approach of the return of the Archangel Eva and the reawakening of magic and the war between magical and nonmagical, however, the Awake began to gather at the school. No one's exactly sure when it began or who the first Awake student was, but once Demitry Cromwell became aware of the heightened Awake activity in the area, he sent recruited Klaus Salzmann, historian and mythologist, and assigned him to Bridgewater High School to keep an eye on student activity there.

Since the escalation of Awake activity in Bridgewater, the school has come to host several powerful and well known Awake.

Classes and Clubs

Core Classes:

     - English Literature and Composition

     - Literary Analysis

     - World Literature

     - Works of Shakespeare

     - Written and Oral Communication

     - CPR Training

     - Algebra 1

     - Algebra 2

     - Calculus

     - Trigonometry

     - Geometry

     - Chemistry

     - Biology

     - Physics

     - European History

     - American History

     - World Religions

     - Geography

Elective Classes:

     - Marketing

     - Animation

     - Art History

     - Web Design

     - Journalism

     - Culinary Arts

     - Spanish

     - Latin

     - German

     - French

     - Choir

     - Drama

     - Orchestra

     - Swimming

     - Dance

     - Marine Biology

     - Botany

     - Film Production

     - Photography

     - Art


     - Fashion

     - Debate

     - Archery

Students and Falculty


     - Klaus Salzmann (mythology and European History)


     - Primrose Evergreen

     - Malcolm Hunt

     - Cloud Valentine

     - Kat Valentine

     - Hala

     - Kitta Kaya

     - Ale

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