There are no armies among the Awake, only teams. These teams, made up of 3-15 people, work and fight together. They are more powerful together than they are separated.

Hell Raisers

The Hell Raisers are a small and flexible team made up of about 6 members. Unlike most other teams, the Hell Raisers run more as a choice, a sort of club, than being chosen or born into their teams. The original members of the team came together on a whim and out of boredom, though not all of them still call themselves Hell Raisers.

The Hell Raisers had no purpose when formed greater than to simply cause trouble for Outsiders and have something to do in their spare time. Over time, however, the Hell Raisers stumbled into becoming sort of saviors, often rescuing captured Awake from the Punishment.


The Phoenix are a multi-generation team spanning thousands of years. They are chosen by the gods, and tasked with acquiring fifteen magical objects that when brought together bring balance to the world or the war between the magical and the nonmagical.

All phoenix are marked with a Brand that identifies who they are and what their generation must search for. Every generation of Phoenix is made up of fifteen girls.

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