Important Locations

While there are only two established Sanctuaries for the Awake, there are several mushc smaller places scattered around the worlds that are safe for the Awake.

Located in Outsider territory, a fraction of the student body is secretly Awake, watched over by the mythology teacher. The Awake students vary wildly across the social ladder -- from Queen Bee to outcast. Bridgewater holds some of the most important people to the Awake World -- including Cloud Valentine, the Seer who's blind to illusions, and his sister Kat Valentine, one of the only true Prophets. Also among the Awake students are Primrose Evergreen, one of very few normal humans to develop magic in her blood rather than be born with it; Hala, the vampire slayer; Malcolm Hunt, the youngest vampire to learn to control his thirst for blood; and G, the Wakeing World's only true ghost.

Hole in the Wall

Scattered throughout Earth are pubs, taverns, bars and cafes, a variety of businesses all with the same name -- Hole in the Wall. These businesses are exclusive to the Awake and hidden to all others by the Veil. To Outsiders and the Punishment, the buildings look abandoned and condemned, too dangerous to go into, or like empty lots. The first floor of a Hole in the Wall is always set up with tables to eat and drink at, and often a bar to do the same, as well as notice boards, washrooms, and a looking glass. Many Hole in the Walls also have a second floor with rooms to let.

London, England

This one city on Earth, while not officially declared a Sanctuary, is well known as a safe place for the Awake to go. Though the Awake must still hide their magic from Outsiders, they can let slip smaller tricks and don't have to try so hard to blend in. With London being the home to Alice Row and her family, the Punishment know better than to enter the city, and know to behave themselves on the off chance that they do.

Looking Glass Train Stations

Scattered throughout most of the worlds are train stations of the Looking Glass Railway. Trains that travel these tracks are little more than standard trains by themselves, maybe a bit quicker than those built by Outsiders, but what makes the travel experience truly unique are the looking glasses arranged in certain spots on the train tracks, allowing fast and safe travel between realms and across long distances. Train Stations vary in size and accommodations, but there are some things they always have -- such as rooms to let and one or two places to eat, as well as a general store for basic supply replenishing. Larger stations also have a wider variety of shops, training centers and several places to eat.

Phoenix Den

Located not far from the ruins of what was once Princess Eva's Italian castle, the entrance of the Phoenix Den is enchanted so that only members of the Phoenix, past or present, are able to enter. The end of a long tunnel that slopes gradually downward opens up into a deep cavern dug several stories into the ground. On each of these stories are armor, weapons, maps, tools and artifacts once used by the past generations of Phoenix.

Rutledge Asylum

Located in Oxford, England, the majority of Rutledge Asylum's patients are Awake who were unfortunate enough to have been born or adopted into Outsider families who did not believe in magic and therefore thought their family member's Sight and special abilities were a sign of insanity or in some cases even devil or demon possession. Rutledge Asylum is considered a learning psychiatric hospital, where psycholigists not only attempt to "treat" their patient, but experiment with new tactics on them.

Shywood Academy

Shywood Academy is a private boarding high school with two sets of class schedules -- one during the day and one during the night. The student body consists entirely of Awake, and all Awake are safe on the campus. However, Shywood Academy is no more than a school, lacking shops, rooms to let or any other resource necessary for a community or a proper Sanctuary.

The first Sanctuary to be established on Earth, Stars Island is owned by Demitry Cromwell but largely run by Seeker. The island was originally discovered by Demitry Cromwell in the 1600s, in the height of the Salem witch trials, when he helped the true witches of Salem escape. The witches built their own community there, where more witches from all over the world eventually found their way. After a few hundred years, however, Demitry built the island into a military base for Outsiders, enabling him to pull strings that would allow even more Awake to take secret refuge on the island. Once the Awake were able to come out of hiding, the Outsiders either fled or were pushed off the island and Stars Island became an exclusive and official Awake Sanctuary.

Timberwind Sanctuary

Owned and operated by Leonidas da Vinci, Timberwind Sanctuary is the only other established Sanctuary on Earth. Timberwind is primarily built for students, with dorms and classes for all ages and a wide variety of subjects, but also has a residential area for families and a Hole in the Wall for travelers.

Waverly Academy

Waverly is a private boarding high school, owned, operated and open to Outsiders. But a few humans with the Sight and a refusal to believe that magic isn't real attend the school, determined to find proof that magic is real -- and to do that, they hunt the ghosts that many believe haunt the school.

Wanderlust Inns

Wanderlust Inns are independently owned and operated by either Awake or Outsiders. Open to both, as well as the Punishment, Wanderlust Inns are considered neutral territory, where attacks are prohibited.


Rem Academy is a boarding school for middle school aged magical children, where they can learn to control and strengthen their magic.

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