The Promise Culture

The Promise don't adhere to any societal rules or trends, and the number of religions varies greatly, but there are a few traditions and styles that are common enough among the Promises that anyone with a sharp enough eye can spot one no matter how well they blend into Outside population.

Along with these outwardly traditions and styles, a sharp eye can spot a Promise simply by their behavior. In a world filled with insecurities brought on by Outsiders who judge everything and everyone that doesn't follow the same path as everyone else, the Promises are the only ones who dare to be different, uniquely themselves, without fear of the consequences. On this, they have no anxieties or fears or false pride to hold them back.

The Promise culture is a combination of a wide variety of differences -- whether those differences were in cultures, religion, or traditions. The result of so many people from different worlds coming together to form their own community became a mix of all of these other places. This mix, combined with magic and the hidden qualities that were limited in Outside territories, created a community where anyone could feel comfortable being entirely themselves and were free to explore any skill or style they wanted without fear of mockery.

This freedom of expression causes a wide variety of styles, in hair, accessories and clothes, but a few things have unconsciously become common practice. Certain things, small details that Outsiders likely wouldn't notice on their own, become signs of status, ranking, or occupation.

Hair Styles

Braided hairstyles seem to be the most common -- and possibly the easiest -- way to differentiate between two different lifestyles. While braids are common among all of Promises with long enough hair to wear them, exactly how they're worn differs between those who live active lifestyles and those who live more passive ones.

Those who fight, go on adventures, or take missions wear their hair entirely braided, so no or few strands fall loose. Those who stay close to home and prefer more tame hobbies or occupations only wear their hair partially braided, with at least half hanging loose. In either case, royals of any realm are recognized by circlets resting on their brows.

Clothing Styles

The clothing styles of the Promises vary greatly, everyone adhering to their own preferred styles, but some things have become common practice largely out of sensibility. Just like the braided hairstyles, the adventurers and those who stay close to home are usually quite easy to differentiate. Since skirts and billowing fabric is not wise for exploring or fighting, adventures tend to wear clothes that fit more closely to the body, pants or shorts, and sturdy shoes or boots. Adventurers who do wear skirts will usually keep them fairly short so as not to get in the way of running, climbing or fighting. Those who tend to live less adventurous lives also tend to dress more impractically, wearing long skirts, fabric that hangs more loosely to their bodies, shoes or boots with heels or often no shoes at all.


Most Promises who live in Outside territory attend local schools, both Promise sanctuaries have school systems, and there are several exclusive magical schools throughout the world, but formal schooling is not required for Promises. The majority of what the children learn, they learn from their parents, friends or tutors. Many Promises learn only what crafts and skills they prefer, or become apprentices to learn on the job for the future that they want.

Holidays and Celebrations

Promise sanctuaries tend to be places where people from all over the world, and sometimes other worlds, come together in a safe environment. As a result, the different religions and holidays celebrate vary greatly. The Promise community is very close knit though, and a lot of people from different worlds, countries and/or religions want to celebrate holidays together. This causes many community celebrations that combine multiple already established holidays.


When in Outside territory, the Promises will sometimes make compromises in order to make traveling certain distances or to certain places possible, but in general they tend to prefer more old-fashioned methods of transportation. Walking, bike riding or even horse riding are common for fairly short distances. Long distance travel is often made by a train on the Looking Glass Railway when possible. Often it is only when there is no train station at or near the intended destination do the Promise choose to travel by car or plane. The majority of Promises never bother to learn to drive a car, but motorcycles are a fairly common method of motorized transportation due to their agility.


Promises who fight are largely solo fighters, working only alone or alongside their Partners if they've found them. Some Promises have come together to form a handful of teams -- groups between 3-15 warriors and knights who work together to fight enemies that are too powerful or too large to be fought alone. Sometimes teams are formed temporarily for a certain mission, but there are a handful of permanent teams who always work together. These teams are generally very well known and one in particular, the Phoenix, is infamous and the only team to have multiple generations, though no two generations exist at the same time.

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