Angels are beings of light, hope and potential. Coming in several races, there is nothing outside the capabilities of the angels.

There are four races of angels -- the Celestial, born from the stars; the Olympic, vowed to serve the gods; the Fallen, sinners with black wings; Valkyries, fallen warriors who continue their fight. Each race of Angels have defining unique characteristics, but they all have feathered wings that give them the ability to fly.

Celestial Angel

Celestial Angels draw their magic from the stars, and legend says they are even born from them. Their Brands are a luminescent silver that have a very faint glow, mostly only visible in the dark. A celestial angel can have eyes of any color, and always have a ring of light surrounding their pupils. They have only one pair of wings, short and broad, with white feathers. Their wings are soft to the touch, but tough enough to act as shields when needed.

Each celestial angel has a purpose, a task which can never quite be completed. They are responsible for upholding moral principles and laws or providing aid to the worlds.

Celestial angels appear to be very rare, as they are either extremely good at hiding or very rarely come to the ground. They work in secret, able to bend the light around their wings to make them invisible, acting only in the most subtle of ways to ensure that they are able to work towards their never ending mission.

Fallen Angels

Any of the other races of Angels have the potential to become Fallen Angels. Fallen Angels are created when an Angel breaks their contract with the gods, does something that does more harm than good, or become more selfish than selfless.

When an angel falls, their wings darken to black. Any angelic Brand they have will turn black and cracked, and any magical abilities that Brand gave them disappears. If a Fallen Angel was once a celestial angel, the light around their eyes disappears when they fall.

Olympic Angel

Olympic angels are born in and mostly live in Olympus, the realm of the Greek gods. They are divided into three ranks by raw power, and the number of pairs of wings an angel has signifies how powerful an angel is -- one pair is the weakest, three pair is the strongest and rarest.

The eyes of an Olympic angel can be any color, but their wings are always white. Each Olympic Angel is named for what they represent and embody, either a trait, emotion, or form of magic.


Valkyries are the only angel race that can only be female. Valkyries are created when a warrior dies in battle, if the warrior's rank in life was high enough or if they died under particularly noble circumstances. Usually, Valkyries maintain the appearance they previously had, with some differences -- the most significant being the wings they are now given. Sometimes though, a Valkyrie can appear looking entirely different than they appeared before their death.

When a Valkyrie is created, the fallen warrior's wounds are healed and they are granted heightened senses, strength and stamina. They grow wings, the appearance of which are unique to the individual, reflecting their personalities. Valkyrie wings are feather and soft to the touch, but the edges of their feathers are razor sharp and their wings are strong enough to be used as shields as well as additional weapons.

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