There are moments in


when everything shifts.

The world




in on itself,

until it becomes

something else,

somewhere else.

These are called

Wakeing Dreams


Reflections on the Wakeing World

Comments and Reviews

"The story is pretty awesome. Imagery is amazing. The twins were precious and I loved the heck out of them."

~ Skylar, on When My Eyes Were Still Blue

Magic is real, and it's all around us. We just have to remember.

~ Alice Wakefield ~

"Every time I stop reading I find myself wanting more. The storyline is very intriguing and so well written."

~ Tess, on When My Eyes Were Still Blue


Updates and Upcoming Projects

Wonderland Market Opens

Find a wide variety of products created by me.



Coronavirus Masks

I'm making and selling reusable, washable cloth face masks, donating them to nonprofits and selling them to individuals. You can buy them here. If you don't need them but would like to donate to help me get supplies so that I can donate even more to nonprofits, you can do that here.


Works in Progress

Hundreds of stories are waiting their turn to be told. These are some of the ones I'm currently focusing on.

Blood Rose

Series: Nyx's Roses (book 1)

Status: final edit

Sheridan Forest has always known there's more to the world than what she could see. After years of searching, chasing dreams she didn't understand, she's pulled into the magical world in a way she never expected.

Centuries after the death of Italy's Warrior Princess, magic is all but forgotten in the world. But now the phoenix rises again, and the war between the magical and the nonmagical sparks back to new life.


Anima's Ghost

Series: Untitled

Status: 2nd Draft

She's supposed to be studying for her GED, but all Anima can focus on is escaping into ghost stories. She runs a paranormal blog, but at 15 years old, with no means to travel and living under strict rules, she does all she can with internet research. Then she gets a message from another paranormal blogger -- except this one can go to the haunted places himself. 


Take My Hand

Status: 2nd draft

The Rows and the Featherspells are two families that want the other dead. But when a daughter of the Rows and a son of the Featherspells discovers they're soulmates, they'll risk anything to save each other.


They tried to tell me I'm not in Wonderland anymore. I just laughed.

I make the world my Wonderland.


About the Author

Alice Wakefield

It started out as a distraction. A way to distract myself from public school and the terrible people within it. It started with one girl, barely a character, thrown into a gap I created in a story written by someone else. But over time, that one girl revealed herself more and more to me. Told me her secrets, her past. Introduced me to her brothers and sisters, her allies and enemies -- her world. Until I eventually fell down a rabbit hole I may never climb out of.


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